China,Russia, The U.S.A


China and Russia are not allies.
Each are waiting for the other to make the first move against The U.S.A.
Each will then step in and attack the other because they know…
They will always be fighting for the second spot.
My proof?
China and Russia remember this>>>
Normandy and American Resolve.


China better take control of their government. We have problem here but China is NOT an example of a free society.


The Soviet Union and China fought a nasty border war back the 1960s, which almost went nuclear according to some reports:

. . .Soviet diplomats warned Washington of Moscow’s plans “to wipe out the Chinese threat and get rid of this modern adventurer,” with a nuclear strike, asking the US to remain neutral.

But, he says, Washington told Moscow the United States would not stand idly by but launch its own nuclear attack against the Soviet Union if it attacked China, loosing nuclear missiles at 130 Soviet cities. The threat worked, he added, and made Moscow think twice, while forcing the two countries to regulate their border dispute at the negotiating table.

It is not clear what their relationship is now. Both countries had horrendous losses in World War II, far beyond anything that the US experienced. I doubt that either is anxious for a repeat, but there always the risk of an unexpected conflict that spirals out of control.