Chicago Democrat Says He Accepts Trump's Help

Over 1700 people have been shot in Chicago according to this interviewed Democrat LaShawn Ford. He says that the people do not trust the police and he’s asking Trump to help, as Trump said he would. I think this is a great, positive change where politics is being put aside and all sides united to fix this. This goes against Rahm Emanuel’s wishes where he labels Chicago as a Trump free zone.

People are dying and in my opinion, black lives matter. What say you?

Why would anyone not accept a serious solution to the gun violence problem in Chicago? Will wait to see what Trump or his administration proposes… Would be a refreshing change to see a serious policy proposal from this administration…

You and I both know that so many place politics over sanity. :sunglasses:

It would be a refreshing change and maybe something that could actually unite us and reverse the polarization?

I think adding more police will actually create more animosity towards them due to the nature their job. For every few minutes of saving the innocent, how many traffic stops will there be?

Ego comes into play on every proactive interaction. Unless the population is domesticated enough to give a cop a moment of their time just because they are asked, an officer will have to find an excuse to hold the person captive for an interaction.

It’s like policing an entire city of the people you see on YouTube who instantly assert their rights the moment an officer looks their way. Legal, but disrespectful behavior and Police don’t mix well.

I wonder if the national guard is the answer?

Interesting… How would you propose they use the national guard?

That might work. The ticket-writing element that irritates the local population is not present there.

There’s no real downside to having the national guard there except cost and optics.

Is he asking for help or calling Trump’s bluff?

He sounded sincere.

I’m not sure because it could do more damage than good if not done right. The violence in Chicago must be met with a force that the violence can’t move, deter or disregard. At the same time, I don’t want the violence exacerbated. A good PR is going to play an important role if there’s going to be success.

Tax cuts and fixing trade are not serious?

It’s all becasue dems actively work to undermine law enforcement. Whether it’s local police or ICE.

You have to find a balance. BLM has gone to far and should be told so but they also should not be completely ignored either. Police have a job as do prosecutors but the stat that should matter is crime reduction not people locked up.

Here is some interesting data…

The number of shootings is actually down this year… Look at the map of the shooting locations… Would take a LOT of National Guard for that size area…

Funny Chicago isn’t the most dangerous city in America… Eh

At 1700 being the number of those shot this year, let’s not celebrate that they aren’t the worst.

It’s not a gun violence problem. It’s a savagery problem.

Out of a city that has 2.5 million people… Again still not the most dangerous city in America

Last year’s data but still good… Chicago is 25th on the list

Where does the total number of those shot by police officers fall on that list to earn such a high priority from the BLM movement?