Chi town goes socialist

Lucky them.
Popcorn anyone?

That’s 5 out of 50 alderman. I guess that’s how socialism starts.

Your article comments on who endorsed them, not what they ran on. Why is that a problem?

Conservatives are completely clueless about how they themselves LOVE socialism!

There are so many elements of socialism in our daily life that they enjoy.

Are they playing stupid on this…or are just stupid?


Exhibit One. Trump’s healthcare plan. How can government stay out of your life and fix your healthcare at the same time? “Big” government has it’s place.

Democratic socialism is not socialism: first issue is see with this thread.

We already ARE a social democracy…

Playing stupid. Crying “Socialism!” every 5 seconds makes for a great fearmongering campaign device.

Why do Trump conservatives hate democracy?

We wouldn’t even be having this movement if, for the last 100 years, rich people hadn’t been buying off politicians to make themselves richer. People are just fed up with politicians sticking it to the middle class and poor. Hell, a lot of those people don’t even care if a poor dude can pay for his daughter’s cancer treatment.

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This isn’t without precedent. Around the beginning of the twentieth century, socialist third parties had a good number of victories in local races (as far as third parties go).

A black woman who is openly gay and a democrat just became the newly elected mayor of Chicago. That is what this thread is really about.


ding, ding, ding!

Keep your government hands off muh Medicare!

What plan?

No, no, would you get with the program? If it’s something they DON’T like then it’s socialism. If it’s something they DO like then it’s “for the public good”.

There just stupid they haven’t fully realized the joys of socialism.

Not unless you brought enough for everyone!

Like what?

You want to see socialism in action? Go to an Indian reservation.

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Or a public.housing “project” in a US city.