Charlottesville jury awards over $24 million in damages in ‘Unite the Right’

BLM/Antifa riots killed dozens and destroyed billions in property in 2020. I suspect they will be seeing lawsuits for many years.


The Charlottesville lawsuit had 17 defendants, not just one piece of ■■■■ murderer.

No insurance doesn’t cover this. The only good insurance would do is for the idiot who ran over people in a car could be sued and his insurance pay, although it’s doubtful this idiot even has coverage and if so probably not for anything near that.

It’s silly handing out these high fees to people who have no way of paying if most probably put on their wife beater shirts and left the trailer park to come out to the event.

Court judgements are not made based on the person’s ability to pay or not.

This is a good precedent.

Nah I don’t think auto insurance covers murder.