Charges against Trump inauguration protesters dropped because of prosecutorial misconduct

I’m sure some remember the Veritas footage supposedly showing the planning of violent protests.

Turns out (shockingly) there was a bunch of other unedited project Veritas footage that showed the protesters were explicitly laying out how to avoid any eruptions of violence.

Federal prosecutors sought to cherry pick the Veritas footage to make a case against the protesters, and hid the unedited video from the protesters defence attorneys. They event went so far as to lie to a Judge about their existence, which appears to have been a nail in the coffin.

Should be a good reminder for the more fair-minded to view any footage from Veritas with more than just a pinch of skepticism :grin:.

Why/how is this an indictment of Project veritas?

Sounds about right.

I suppose the indictment is more on the prosecutors, but it does also show that what we see from Veritas isn’t always the whole picture. Which is fairly consistent on their part, they do a lot of selective editing to present their story, true or not.

That sounds like the Planned Parenthood video footage that was edited.