CHAOS DAY 2: Anti-Trump Protesters Storm Kavanaugh Hearings for SECOND DAY | Sean Hannity

The chaotic scene that unfolded Tuesday during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing continued Wednesday morning, with liberal protesters interrupting the proceedings as opening questions began.

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Its offtopic, but I’ll put here, in order to reach as many people as possible (it would be interesting to see the reaction of the liberal trolls, if they will spam/troll the thread)

Mr Hannity, regarding that NYT story, dont fall for it! Its obviously that its a frabricated nonesense by NYT. The WaPo published the article about “sleeper cells have awoken” to make it more credible and make people like you to buy it. On that way, they will try to fabricate a narrative and control even what you will say in your program…

It makes no sense what that alleged official writes in his letter. On the one side he claims to be a Conservative, working for putting in practice the good things of the agenda, but on the other side he claims to obstruct the agenda until it will be over, and the reasons would be that Trump is arrogant and amoral. That smells like the wishful thinking of the insane resist people. No WH official would be that crazy to write a nonesense like that.

Nobody can disprove that the story, nor can you prove it right. It has only the aim to cause confusion in the WH and an image damage of the President within American society and in the world. It also has the aim to confer credibility to the garbage of Woodward book, which has the same spoilage level like Michael Wolff’s book.

Until NYT will not reveal the source and unmask the WH official, it is their fabricated Fake News story. Why should anyone trust them? Everyone knows that they are that loyal to the left like CNN and WaPo…

… and as some kind of evidence that Im probably right, facebook shadow banned me as I tried to warn about the NYT Fake News story on different sites on Fb, but got no reaction. Normally you get at least 1 or 2 answers or like/dislike if you put it on many different places