CHAOS DAY 2: Anti-Trump Protesters Storm Kavanaugh Hearings for SECOND DAY | Sean Hannity

The chaotic scene that unfolded Tuesday during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing continued Wednesday morning, with liberal protesters interrupting the proceedings as opening questions began.

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Read this closely because this is for the necrotic brained fools who do not understand rights nor the “Freedom of Speech”.
Every right you have is protected as long as your use of that right DOES NOT interfere with the RIGHTS OF OTHERS.

Opinions are awesome as long as they supported by facts and engendered in intelligence. Meaning if you cannot express your opinion intelligently you waste your time and ours.

When you beller out political blather because you are a fool for the criminal elite during a congressional hearing, you waste your time because we cannot understand you through the television and you waste our time and simply piss us off.

All because you are too stupid to understand proper use of our rights.

who is paying them to protest well who?

Is there a reason why the galley isn’t cleared? What is Grassley afraid of? The Dems are ALREADY angry.

Try George Soros and his minions!