Change The Heart To Change The Mind

To classify racism as systemic, existing in any social order like the police or between different races, means the whole, not the part, of all people in those groups are prejudiced=racists. It’s like a root that permeates sustenance to everything else that is anchored to it. I’m “white” but I’m not, never have been a “racist” in any sense of the definition, but bec I’m white I’m guilty of racism? Guilty by association?

MLK Jr said it best, judge someone by the content of their character not by the color of their skin. When the Black Is Beautiful “campaign” and movement began, they mainly wanted the word Black to be used instead of Colored. It has been the reality bec it came from their heart, and our hearts responded. It’s like don’t judge a book by its cover bec you don’t know what lies within, and even “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” to comprehend what they feel=empathy.

The only solution to racism, prejudice, discrimination is empathy. How to instill empathy in order to change negative preconceptions has to touch the very heart and soul of those willing to change. It will never happen for those who choose to hate, no matter the ethical, legal, financial, social efforts involved to force an uncompromising mindset to alter their misperceptions.

I remember when a friend, during the Black Is Beautiful movement, touched her forearm and said, see, beauty IS skin deep. She meant it as a light joke but that’s always pretty much been my personal view, BIB.

Stop right there, that is incorrect. If just enough people in leadership positions, or even rank and file, are racist and have enough influence to create a culture that restricts POC from advancing or even getting a job or whatever, it can be said to be systemic.

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The rest of what you say is pretty good, it takes understanding to bring about change.

If…IF…IFI…choose not to face the reality of my place in this world that…I…don’t like…instead of looking in the mirror, I…point my finger at an excuse…because it’s less painful to my fragile psyche. This is the truth for all who care to listen…now…can you handle the truth?