Central Black Republican Caucus?

I know there are separate Black Republican Caucus for individual states.
There is a Central Black Congressional Caucus.
I was wondering if The individual Black Republican Caucus ever seriously considered a Central Black Republican Caucus?
The reason I am asking is that I hear so many Young African-Americans say that The Republicans underrepresent them. Well, logically the thing for them to do would be to Join The Republican Party and nominate in The People they feel would adequately and fairly represent their interests.
There is a Reason Martin Luther King JR. wanted to be publically known as a Card-Carrying Republican. It seem’s that message has been lost.
While Democrats were for The Civil War 1860 before they were finally against it in 1960, Rebels, Klansmen and other radical Racists stood outside polling stations in the south with guns forbidding Blacks to vote. Somehow Democrats have changed their spots as a leopard. This is false or else MLK JR. would have certainly been a Democrat.
A central Black Republican Caucus office would allow these youths an opportunity to have mentors, and a voice inside The Republican base to address their issues.
Don’t try to change the Republican Party from the outside, by bashing it. Join it and with open arms you will find yourself not only welcomed, but Cheered!

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Good point. On the other hand, blacks have not been well represented by the Democrats either, and they have many people on the inside of that party.

Your whataboutism doesn’t work well here. How many black elected republicans are there compared to democrats? Why don’t you people work on catching up to the dems before castigating them?

How many black republicans are there? What would be their proper representation in elected offices?

I don’t know. Ask Samm. He seems to know.

Samm said nothing of the kind.

You however seem to be claiming they are not being fairly represented so upon what are you basing that claim?

Nope. Reread the thread.

I read it just fine.

Well, this is a new fake thing.

Democrats elected the first black President. Republicans countered by electing the man who became prominent in politics by making racially tinged attacks against the first black President being a secret Kenyan.

So, yeah. Basically six of one and a half dozen of the other.

How many blacks are Republicans compared to being Democrats? How many black Republicans run for office compared to black Democrats?

And catching up with the Dems on what? Hypocrisy? The Democrats have pandered to blacks for decades … or should I say, exploited them for decades … and haven’t done anything for them except to keep them dependent on government. Of course what else would one expect from the Party of slavery.

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I didn’t say a damn thing about numbers. Your lack of reading comprehension skills make conversation with you virtually impossible.

And exactly how did the lives of blacks improve under the first black President?

Kenyan is not a race, it’s a nationality.