CDC tells public to not 'kiss or snuggle' chickens, ducks, backyard poultry amid salmonella outbreaks

If you want a snuggle buddy, get a dog. :smile:

Chickens are food. :smile:

Now I go beyond what the article states. I take biosecurity measures when around our chickens, not just in regards to salmonella, but also to avoid introducing avian flu or other pathogens to the flock. Similar to steps that I would take if I was visiting a commercial facility or a poultry farm.

Having chickens is a good thing if your able to do it, but people need to take care, learn what they are doing and realize that chickens should not be handled as you would a dog or cat.

Pretty sure they released the same warning a few years ago too lol.

Yes, chickens are food.

Well, there goes another Saturday night…


This… is a thing?

Wait till the chickens start reading to kids.

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Who wouldn’t want to hug this cute little fuzzball?


If a warning is being issued…it is a thing.

I mean…they have a warning label not to use a hair dryer in a full bathtub and why? Because someone has done it.

Same thing with the warning not to lean on window screens so you don’t fall out a window.

I would imagine there are people who keep chickens as pets and hold them etc.

People have all sorts of pets that they kiss and hold. Not tongue kissing but a smack on the head kiss.

The CDC don’t tell me what to do! I did my own research and I know all about the salmonella scam.

My son loved his chickens! He was an animal lover in general, but he really liked the chickens. He had over 50 and they were all named. Some would ride with him in his truck even.

I love this reminiscing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ha. I remember when this thread was new, I thought maybe there was some new development or something lol.