Cawthorn charged with driving on a revoked license

Maybe he’s privy to info we don’t have?

They’re pushing those woke ideologies!


Jiminy - he’s every bit as stupid as Jewish space lasers and Arrested-more-times-than-Tupac-Boebert, isn’t he?

But hey - stupid people deserve representation in government, so I, for one, am glad that the drunk at the corner of the bar and everyone’s weird uncle finally have voices.

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Not likely. Not enough to form such an opinion.

Nope, Because his license is revoked.


Bad Guy from Lethal Weapon 2: DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!!!

Murtaugh: It’s been revoked.

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She represents the “cousin coming home from college for the first time, six weeks into Intro to Econ and Sociology, telling your dad who works 60 hours a week about his privilege” wing of the party.

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So just boilerplate, conservative carpet chewing then.

What is the point of this, then?

I just have a question for Matt and any of his supporters…

I did a lot of cocaine back in the day…
80’s and 90’s.

What the heck is a “key bump” and how does he know about it?

No judgement…

Maybe it’s a “ new” thing…

And some that don’t “use” understand the “lingo”….

Just what is a “key bump”?

I’m just curious.

Shame on you, @plsd2mechu/@Omoplata/@seasons/@Garden_Goddess . This is the third time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh? You haven’t heard what happens to his political opposition and critical journalists?

Ah the relics of times gone by.


It shows a lack of boundaries.

You’re supposed to follow the law or pay a fine, deal with suspension, he isn’t?

Has he ever heard of a Cinderella License? They exist in Massachusetts, where you petition the court as to how the suspension will adversely affect you (most likely economically). Also not all areas are served by public transit.

A license, if issued, will not necessarily be daylight only, but for a range of hours that are related to work. Wanna go out after those hours, someone else needs to drive.

What Is a Cinderella License in Massachusetts?.

He’s unfit so serve as someone who wants to tie others to laws but not be bound himself.

Well Whaddya know, North Carolina has a similar concept, sometimes called the Cinderella license, generally limited driving privileges:

He could have applied for one like anyone else.

Bye Bye Maddie.