CATASTROPHIC COST: Bernie DEFENDS $32 TRILLION Healthcare Plan | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders defended his “medicare for all” program Monday, blasting the university behind the financial report that claimed his universal coverage scheme would cost US tax payers $32 trillion over ten years.

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The socialists know their plan won’t work. They’re using it to take us one step closer to complete government control of every aspect of healthcare. Then they will go on to the next step of total control of wages/income until they have “progressively” taken complete control of every part of our lives. America had better wake up before it’s too late.

Government healthcare? You mean like the V.A.? We see how well that’s working out.

Also, I don’t think the parents of Charlie Gard of the U.K. would agree with 'ol Bern’s claim of a better health outcome. If socialized health care is so great, why did the parents have to fight so hard to get the hospital to release Charlie so they could bring him to the U.S. for treatment? And why did the hospital refuse to release their baby?

I MIGHT go for socialized health care if ALL government employees, INCLUDING CONGRESS has the SAME doctors and the same care.