CARTER PAGE ON HANNITY: Here’s Why I’m Suing the Democratic Party

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The former Trump campaign associate at the heart of the DOJ’s escalating FISA abuse scandal sat-down with Sean Hannity Monday night to discuss his reasons for suing the Democratic Party.

Carter Page lashed-out at former Obama officials and left-wing politicians for undermining the United States’ “democratic system,” adding he was trying to “get some justice” for the American people.

“Carter Page, you’re in the center of this. We know that fraud was committed on FISA judges… Now you have Rod Rosenstein refusing to testify under oath. You’re suing the DNC?” asked Hannity.

“It goes beyond any damages or the financial aspects. There’s been so many lies. When you look at the damage it did to our democratic systems and our institutions of government back in 2016. I’m just trying to get some justice in terms of getting some disclosure,” said Page.

Watch Carter Page on ‘Hannity’ above.

Sounds fair and balanced to me.

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