Carrier Harry S Truman to retire early?

This is interesting. I’m curious on the take of the naval experts here. Just based on my understanding I just don’t see this actually happening:

But interesting. In no way can I see Trump letting this happen. Trump likes big things, and having more big ships is about the extent of his military understanding. At least that’s how he comes across.

Ain’t gonna happen.

The Navy did this exact same thing with the USS George Washington during the Obama administration as a ploy to get more funding and it worked. They got their funding and the George Washington remained in service.

Just a power play, nothing more.

Especially when the cost of decommissioning a Nimitz class carrier can’t even be accurately estimated right now.

That certainly doesn’t work towards Obese Donald’s promise of a 350 avtive ship fleet!

That’s what I thought. Article brought up the George Washington case.

I can’t see it happening nor do I see this as being anything more than an attempt to get more pentagon funding in the next budget. We’re already seriously short of fleet carriers.

Quickly suggested. Quickly shot down. No surprises.