CARAVAN SOLUTION? US-Mexican Authorities ‘Agree on Plan’ to Stop Migrants at Border | Sean Hannity

US and Mexican authorities have reportedly struck a deal to stop the rapidly growing ‘migrant caravan’ before it reaches the United States’ southern border; likely averting a potential humanitarian and legal crisis as thousands of Central American refugees head north.

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Asking for UN intervention will not bode well for the USA! President Trump is already at loggerheads with the UN regarding immigration. The UN wants the USA to take in more refugees and economic migrants than it wants to take in.

I would not be surprised to hear the UN direct the USA to accept many of these people and possibly force then to do so. In my opinion, Mexico has asked for and received advice from this UN body in order to thwart President Trump. We will wait and see how the story unfolds.

How is this our problem? And how is this a legal crisis? News flash, they are illegal BUT you fail to mention it is also an IsIs invasion! President Trump was correct and I have been warning about the Al Qaeda training camps in South American that the DNC open borders cabal has organized them Isis in with their other supporters in the invasion of their undocumented voters.
Consequently, According to the president, his administration has captured “close to 100 people completely linked to terrorist issues, with ISIS and that not only have we arrested them within our territory, but they have been deported to their countries of origin.” Do you idiot open Borders morons are selling out your Country to get foreign voters and invaders to take over for their own benefit and not our citizens.

The Secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency, Alfredo Brito, indicated that the data on these captures are “protected information of National Security”.Their, the DNC/ ANTIFA/ Soros stooges are possessed with acute ignorance that is mind-boggling even overwhelming sometimes. Dear God, I too hope Americans get it or it will be the ignorance that put Russia & its people in the dark for over 50 years will destroy our Constitutional Republic, the DNC & stupid invading Bolsheviks refer to as a ‘democracy’! It is why they are packing morons into California, New York and want to abolish the Electoral College so the pandemic stupidity that has infected those states can rule us Americans that have read and understand what it means to be an AMERICAN and not what the Globalist like Clintons, Gores, the NWO Bushes attempt to tell us their global version of Amerika as a service nation to their greed for power and control! It is intended to turn our military against our Citizens with NWO ‘love’ of political correctness and a hate for our values that are fundamental to America. That is how the Bolshevik’s operate they destroy the good, the bad, and yes even the ugly of our history so you cannot learn from it to avoid the arrogance and the ignorance they would impose upon us.