CAPITOL CLASH: Peter Strzok to be ‘RECALLED FOR CONTEMPT’ After Fiery Testimony | Sean Hannity

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte has reportedly informed anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok he will be recalled to testify later Thursday and may be “voted in contempt” following his refusal to answer key questions surrounding his text messages.

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This has gone to far… The FBI, CIA, DOJ, And State Department have to be completely cleaned out! With these hearings we are finding out the justice system has been bias and doing criminal things for quite awhile! FBI is afraid if the TRUTH is found out about the Russia case it will be a snowball effect to many other criminal things the FBI has done.

It is time President Trump order a declassification of all FBI documents and end this! By the looks of this, there will be nothing different than all trials of the past. Nothing will happen. In order to make sure these alphabet groups along with the Democrats never do this again heads are going to have to roll and charges against all of these people! Hillary and Obama included! If they get away with it this time, we can kiss democracy away!!!


Trump needs to fire many people!

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What is it going to take to get something done? Why won’t Trump fire Sessions and Rosenstein and put in place an “acting” AG. Won’t have to go through congressional hearings for that.

If counsel is advising Peter to not answer questions, shouldnt they be held in contempt as well?