CAPITOL CHAOS: Over 500 ICE Protesters Arrested Inside US CAPITOL | Sean Hannity

Over 500 protesters -including one Democratic lawmaker- were arrested inside the US Capitol this week in protest of the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration along the US-Mexico border.

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They should be arrested for their phony protest. They know exactly why children are being separated from the adults that are claiming them as “their children”. Many of these “protesters” are being paid, and as long as we keep allowing this to happen they will keep up until they finally get their way, like any spoiled child.

We give up. The protests worked. Trump will now resign and Mike Pence will concede the election to Hillary. We are turning in our guns, opening the borders. The protests were so effective.

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Whew! I’m glad all that mess is over. Thank goodness! UPVOTE!

Actually it’s more like the protests were an “amazing” acting gig paid for by the Soros crowd…and lowest unemployment stats since WWII I might add. Trumpus KAG puts America back to work!