Capitalism vs Socialism - America's Choice


Canada, Norway, Finland are doing fine.


so socialism work if everyone is white?


I’m waiting for Socialism to become the next “freedom fries.” Anything with the same root word will be vilified. In school “Social Studies” will become “Freedom Studies.” The old “Ice Cream Social” will be known as an “Ice Cream Capitalism Caucus.” “Social Security” will become “The Definitely Not Socialism Program.”


Centralized decision making does have it’s advantages.

Trump has done that with the media and many of his cattle followers.


Getting animals to fight each other for entertainment is a popular sport among the deep pockets.


But freedumb! Durrrr


I think it would work better, but not race: culture. Of course there’s no way to stop line crossing.


The problem is we are programmed to change it, not leave.


No they aren’t.


Why do you assume race?


And on the other side “racismfries”. We’re there.


So maybe it should be a part of our judicial system that you automatically cut the check for the legal defense of the entity you chose to sue, if you lose? That alone would reduce the cost of health care significantly but since most of the politicians are lawyers, that will not happen.


On some decisions. Not all. And not based on population.


What do you guys get out of that?


Yes they are.


So then you must be against the Democratic opposition to the US tax cut. Corporate tax in Sweden is 21% or 22%, not one Democrat in the US in either house voted for the tax cut. They all wanted the corporate tax rate up in the upper 30s. The upper 10% in the Sweden pay less of the total taxes, 26%, as opposed to the US upper 10% paying 43 percent of the taxes. It is true, the upper 10% of the US has a little more wealth, 74% to about 66-67% in Sweden, practically the same, but that is in no way socialist. Also, Sweden has no minimum wage. And Sweden has school choice. The reason Sweden has succeeded is because they are Capitalist to a tee, in no way socialist. Also, no minimum wage (it will be granted, there is a lot of unionism), but many are not a part of unions as well. It is true in Sweden the income tax is high the poor people pay 65% of there incomes in taxes as well as the richer, instead of most poor people in the US paying nothing. The energy sector succeeded in Sweden because industries were denationalized. True, there is a welfare state, they do have socialized medicine and thus have long waiting lines and rich people go abroad to get things taken care of in non socialized medicine countries, but the industries themselves are capitalist to a tee.

So in sum you must be for no minimum wage, all for school choice, having the richer pay a lower portion of taxes, corporate tax keep low instead of wanting to raise it, and the poor as well as rich pay 65% personal income tax rate. It is funny Democrats who use Sweden as a model are either ignorant or oblivious to the above facts, It seems like Democrats are all against these specifically Sweden things though they claim to want to replicate ‘Socialist’ Sweden.


I like Switzerland, health care though mandatory is still private. The rest of the country is pretty capitalist as well. They stay out of wars and don’t have the responsibilities we do though.


Obamacare was mandatory but private.

Neither Obama nor the government sold insurance policies. They provided the exchange where you could purchase private policies.


Your thread title ought to have been:

Capitalism vs Socialism vs our free enterprise system - America’s Choice

For distinctions between our system, as intended by our Founders, and “Capitalism”, see: PART TWO: Free Enterprise is Better than Capitalism The following descriptions of “Capitalism” and “Free Enterprise” are noted as follows:

Capitalism (crony capitalism) : A system where the law encourages market forces and also gives preference and special benefits to the sector of the economy owned by big capital—including big corporations like in Corporatism, but also wealthy foreign and multinational corporations, and highly influential non-corporate institutions such as rich foundations, moneyed trusts, political parties, well-funded lobbies and special interest groups, affluent non-profit entities, wealthy families, moneyed foreign investors, and others with large amounts of capital. Under this system, the rich rule society, and they naturally influence government to maintain policies that benefit the rich more than others.

Free Enterprise: A system where the law encourages market forces and gives no special preferences; it protects equal rights for all individuals and entities and leaves initiative and enterprise to private individuals, groups, businesses and organizations that are all treated equally and with minimal legislation by the legal code.

Today we have capitalism being practiced in the United States instead of a free enterprise free market system. Obama, engaged in capitalism under the guise of “green energy”, and 85 % of green energy capital supplied by the federal government went to Obama’s donors.

President Bush and the Republicans practiced capitalism when they passed the farm subsidy bill in 2008

Under a free enterprise/free market system, as our founders intended, no preferential treatment is to be expected while the inalienable right of people being free to mutually agree in their contracts and associations would be a primary priority of government.

Under Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s and Bernie Sanders’ form of capitalism, the distribution capital from our federal treasury would continue and simply create different privileged classes, and preferential treatment would remain the order of the day.

But under a free enterprise/free market system, as our founders intended, no preferential treatment is to be expected while the inalienable right of people being free to mutually agree in their contracts and associations would be a primary priority of government.

Your OP title ought to be changed.


The Federal Reserve System of 1913 and the Sixteenth Amendment, also of 1913, have spread the evil tentacles of crony capitalism into almost every corner of our once free market, free enterprise system.


So your motto is let the buyer beware.