Capitalism vs Socialism - America's Choice


Like bowl games and golf tournaments…

Welcome to the new Northrup/Grumman Yosemite Park. Google’s Grand Canyon. The Colt Shilo Battlefield.


They aren’t socialist.


As long as the CEC keeps fire and brimstoning socialism, we’ll keep getting these ass of fire threads.


They can’t do liberals are violent right now so we are back to socialism. Tomorrow we are going to be at war with Eurasia m…


Capitalism is so superior, even the commies use it.


Its weird how the bounce back and forward between liberals being violent thugs and effeminate soyboys.


Other than perhaps Somalia and the Sudan, there are no purely capitalist countries in the world. Its all a matter of degrees.


Everything is a matter of degree. We’re all crops, after all.


So we’re not arguing whether we should have aspects of socialism in America. The disagreement is about how much we should have. OK, that’s a good start.


I think the disagreement is generally in how much spacing there should be between rows. Low yields usually come from poor planting techniques.


Are you trying to be clever here?


What’s clever about getting the most out of your food before you eat it? That’s intuitive.


I wasn’t talking about food, obviously. Since I have no desire to play this game, have a nice evening.


But you are food. Someday this planet will literally eat you.


Corruption is an issue no matter the economic system. Also, I don’t understand the population argument when the country is divided by 50 bodies called states.


If we segregated America by race would it work then? I don’t understand the demographics argument either.


Do the rows decide how to line themselves up or does someone make that decision and carry it out?


The farmer gives the cattle the illusion that it is making the choice to line up in the first place.


Then it might be easier to leave economic decisions up to the states. This will allow more leeway for voters, too, since if they don’t like the current economy in their state, they can just up and leave. But that is already happening, to some extent.


Theres an advantage to a federal system. Wealthier states can aid less affluent ones through a common tax pool.