Canadian truckers’ ‘Freedom Convoy'

you’re correct.

under pressure they let it go tho



What the ■■■■ does that have to do with a private company whose business is to gather and disperse funds?


What are the similarities?

So they presented how the money would be spent.

Good on them.

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Just in time to be able to head to the bunker when the truckers show up this weekend. :joy:



Completely calculated.

What a jerk.

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Good for him.


A small step. The chinese goods need domestic runners and nothing is more socially distanced than a trucker.

Hoper we get more positive coverage of this. Expand it to US.


Why is that any of their business?

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Because it is the business that they are in.

Regulating how money is spent? Who cares how they spend their money if it isn’t illegal. Maybe a trucker needed to hire a baby sitter for 4 days and needs the funds to pay for the services. Does Go Fund Me need to know about it?


They operate as the middle man between those who are donating and those who are receiving.

They want to be assured that the money will go to where those who are receiving is spent like they say it will be spent so as to reduce their liability.

It is literally the business that they are in.

Exactly. Not a charity or fundraiser with strings attached.

Make sure the application meets the venue standards BEFORE ANY MONEY IS RAISED.

Then we can take the concerns seriously.

They are crooks IMO.

Waiting until the pot of money hits 6 or 7 figures.

Impressive business model…like the distant relatives of that rich uncle on his deathbed.

I’m not terribly familiar with GFM but do you think it would be okay with them if they didn’t get their cut of the funds until they gave an accounting for how they spend it?


I am sure that is cooked in to their fee and percent.

They should get nothing more than ad revenue IMO.

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Why?..They’re providing a service. And Im sure there is a TOS on their page with what the fees are. Dont like the terms? Then don’t use them.

Conversely don’t mess with a pot of funding once the funds have been raised. Vet the listing first, not by value later.

Yeah! Like BLM!


Epstein did not kill himself. The virus probably did come from the lab and there was no russian collusion. Yet, those stories were censored just like the truckers money. It’s not a conspiracy when it’s right in your face.

Hillary erased the e-mails, just like the IRS did…