Canada moves one step closer to legal sex-work

Canadian Court ruled a number of laws related to sex-work where unconstitutional today.

An Ontario Court judge has ruled that three parts of Canada’s prostitution laws violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Justice Thomas McKay ruled that the laws, which prohibit procuring, advertising and materially benefiting from someone else’s sexual services, are unconstitutional.

That means the charges against London, Ont., couple Tiffany Harvey and Hamad Anwar are stayed.

They ran Fantasy World Escorts until it was shut down by police in 2015.

In his ruling, McKay said the law against advertising violates the Charter right to freedom of expression, and the laws against procuring and materially benefiting violate the Charter guarantee of “security of the person.”

Are you really free if people and corporations can’t make good money peddling Canadian wives and daughters asses?

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I love big government

Can you be really free if wives and daughters (and sons and gender non-binaries) can’t peddle their own asses.

If you think peddling it makes you free you aren’t very good at thinking.

Peddling it doesn’t make you free. But if you aren’t allowed to, you’re not as free as you could be.

Consider, if one can sell one’s access to the courts (i.e. a binding arbitration clause) and that is considered “freedom”, shouldn’t selling a genital to genital massage also be considered “freedom”. (Note that being required to either of those isn’t freedom.)

Yeah well, you aren’t as free as you can be if you can’t eat corpses either, that doesn’t make doing it or legalizing it a good idea.

Nobody is forcing you to sleep with anyone but your wife…

Save your judgements

no one is being peddle sex trafficking is still a crime.

Commodification of the human body for sexual gratification?
No thanks.

Damn dude! How do you go from whores to eating corpses in one move?


What better motive?

How does this sit with feminists?

Where would you put selling your ass on the scale?

Their body, their disgusting choice. Freedom is messy. :man_shrugging:


Nowhere near eating a corpse.


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This thread already… I’m so glad I took my meds. lol

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There’s a degree of nuance that deals as much with gender as it does with class. I find that the people most supportive of this are upper middle class and hopelessly misled into believing that this resembles some milestone for the continued liberation of women, without considering that this is a dangerous activity that the vast majority of people that engage in it would not do so if there were other economic opportunities.


I can also see this as a way to enable women that are in the position where they feel they have to do this can report on abuse that has happened to them without fearing retribution based on their job. Commodification has already happened so this seems like a non starter even though i agree women shouldnt be placed in the condition where they feel like they have to do sex work.

In the words of the late, great George Carlin:

Selling is legal. ■■■■■■■ is legal. So what’s wrong with selling ■■■■■■■■