Canada forced to bail out beef industry after tension with China continue

Canada has been in a bitter beef with China for the betterment of a year, in their latest attack they banned the import of Canada beef after claim of banned substance. Canadian inspector found no substance. Canada tried to gain help in their conflict with China at the G20 bringing up the issues with a number of key allies including the U.S and President Trump.

Canada has been forced to bail out beef produced 8.3 million this week.

Canada’s beef industry is getting $8.3 million in federal funds, the bulk of it aimed at growing its international market reach as a trade standoff with China continues.

The money is going to six different projects, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said Wednesday during a visit to the Calgary Stampede.

The biggest recipient is marketing organization Canada Beef, which is getting $5.3 million to grow sales internationally, in part by boosting foreign consumer confidence in Canada’s product.

Bibeau said the announcement would have been made regardless of last month’s news that China is shutting out exports of all Canadian meat after inspectors detected a restricted feed additive residue in pork. A subsequent investigation found forged veterinary health certificates attached to the batch.

“I want to assure you we are working around the clock to resolve the matter,” Bibeau said. “We all want the same thing: to resume trade with China as soon as possible and our ongoing conversations with Chinese officials are encouraging.”


Why doesn’t the Canadian government do something original by buying $8.3 million of its own country’s beef. Then give it way as “government beef” to Canada’s first nation and other public assistance meal programs.