CANADA CHAOS: Trudeau Vows to Help Toronto After ‘LARGE INFLUX’ of Migrants

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to help his nation’s largest city as it struggled to cope with a “large influx” of migrants Friday; telling the Mayor of Toronto the national government “will be there.”

Trudeau was speaking with Toronto Mayor John Tory Friday when the local leader asked for help in handling the region’s escalating immigration crisis; saying “we’re there for people in challenging situations.”

“Canadians, we’re there for each other. We’re there for people in challenging situations and we know that we have to continue to demonstrate that our immigration system is strong and applies while staying true to our values,” said the Prime Minister.

The Toronto government has spent an estimated $65 million to house more than 3,000 refugees currently residing within the city limits.

“Neither leader said whether contingency plans were being put in place to deal with the 800 refugee claimants now housed in two Toronto college dorms who will have no place to go as of Aug. 9,” writes the Globe and Mail.

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