Can we finally call out the absurdity of masking mandates?

Any idea when? Today is Day 4.

I do too. Good for them.

If that is the case, I say 10 to 14 days we should see cases go up.

Isn’t it 5-7 days?

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Kids are invincible…they will wait longer.

So what? It seems that prominent democrat Terry McAuliffe agrees with Altair. Mask mandates are ridiculous. That’s so what.

Virginia Democrat Terry McAullife Spotted Maskless on Amtrak (

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Prominent? Must be why I’ve never heard of him. Lulz.

the maskless elites were parading through hordes of masked serfs

know your place


we are going to see a spike everywhere regardless. has absolutely nothing to do with useless cloth masks. has everything to do with waning effectiveness of vaccines due to anti body depletion and variant resistance

Yeah. He’s the governor of Virginia, former head of the DNC and chairman of Hillary’s 2008 campaign among other things. Just because you are not informed does not mean he isn’t prominent. Right?

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