Can either side be verified? (FACT CHECK: Was the 'Illegal Alien Mom with Kids' Photograph Staged?)

Can we please acknowledge the fact that this has been done on numerous occasions:

  • Child Crying for BS Separation Media (Stolen from her dads home)
  • CNN Protest in London
  • Staged Flood Rescue in Texas
  • Trump Crowd Photos

Chances are good lately, that if you see a highly controversial photo spread across all liberal media outlets, it was artificially born to be there. This one irks me in particular, SIMPLY because, NO Border Patrol Agent would drop tear gas in front of kids. There is no one here. The canister would have landed in the middle of a rowdy crowd of adult men - the ones throwing objects at DHS Agents and Border Patrol.

If the majority of the caravan was paid to come here (many of them had jobs that they left), then they will be used similarly when they get where they are going. I am not saying that there are people here that are seeking legitimately better lives, but lets not ignore the obvious.

Did you read that snopes article? I don’t think it says what you think it does.

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Um…I am guessing you did not read the Snopes article here? It clearly proves that the photo was legitimate and not staged as Gateway Pundit tried to falsely assert.

The picture doesn’t change - There are people posing in the background. And lets say she was at ground zero - your going to subject your kids to a crowd like that? And then what? Toss em over the fence? This whole ■■■■ show was paid for - that’s a fact. Whether or not good people got suckered into this political stunt, the origin is to blame.

Aaaaaand…the goalposts go blazing down the field. That was quick.


Perhaps you should really read your link.

And quit spreading false information.

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OP, read your own damn article you posted. Stop spreading false information.

Although Reuters is a non-partisan and highly reliable news agency, viral conspiracy site Gateway Pundit unfortunately but unsurprisingly chose not to promote documented reality. Instead, they went with a marked-up image posted by an anonymous Twitter user and ran a false headline proclaiming “Hoaxed: The ‘Illegal Alien Mom with Barefoot Kids’ Photo was a Setup – Another Staged #FakeNews Production.”

The Snopes article is based on that image not being faked. Note, even if they are correct here, that if the question was “Were cameramen faking pictures of fleeing would be immigrants?” then their answer would have been “Yes, they were” based on the same photo.
Much of the impression created by “fact checking” depends on the question you choose to ask.

They conclude that you cannot say that this particular image was faked just because other cameramen in the background are faking images. True. But it is evidence.

Haha - I will delete this if i can figure out how, because i don’t want to spread “false” information. My point has always been, this can’t be “debunked” because the picture was “marked up”. They photo doesn’t change with or without the markings on it. I never said i agreed or disagreed, I stated "lets acknowledge the fact that this is happening in other controversial areas of politics (and gave examples).

This does not demonstrate what happened, or the intent of response by DHS. Sounds like we have a lot of far sided biases that follow Hannity on here for trolling purposes. Good talk, like usual.

More likely you would have to be willing to go over the fence yourself and abandon the children in Mexico by themselves. What else could she expect to be doing at the fence? It was obvious they couldn’t all have gone over.
Same thing with that picture of the mother who was “impaled” on the wire on the fence. If she had gotten over there is not way she could have taken the children.

Doug - We can’t all live in a land of rainbows and gumdrops haha Ignorance is bliss



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The op probably mistook this place for Breitbart

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Where are her other three children?

Probably marching towards DC to burn down the White House.

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hiding from google.

Did the guy who started this thread really post a link to Snopes that shows that this thread is false?

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Sometimes things are just… glorious.