Can anyone answer this question? Why don't Democrats want "open borders"?

What then would you do about the millions here illegally along with the many thousands who get get here illegally every month?

You should read the comprehensive immigration bill from 2013 that Democrats (and some Rs) in the senate passed, Obama was ready to sign, but was stonewalled by R leadership in the House. It really debunks a lot of misinformation that you choose to believe.

We didn’t get that bill because radical Rs didn’t want Obama to score an immigration victory. It would take away one of their biggest election year issues. So they refused to bring it to a vote.

Yes I did. Obviously “they” is democratic politicians. At no point did he say “they” want open borders.

Immigrants tend to vote for Democrats recently. So when I say “Democrats want more legal immigration” I mostly mean “Democratic politicians want more legal immigration.” I think the average person on the street is ambivalent about it.

They who want open borders. You.

He didn’t say they did.

By the term “open borders” I’m implying a system that would grant automatic citizenship (or at least very quickly) to all who get here, which would include voting rights. I often hear that we are nation of immigrants, so by that logic why have any restrictions on citizenship?

A “pathway to citizenship”?

So, he said “they” want open boarders, but he didn’t say “they” did. :rofl::rofl: Ok I’ve wasted enough time with you today. Have a good one bro…


No he didn’t. Read the post.

We’ll be waiting for your apology.

I do not think anyone is advocating that, at least not seriously.

I am pretty liberal, and I would want a waiting period, and specific criteria to be met before becoming a citizen.

Yes… pathway.
There is a pathway now.

Who is advocating for streamlining becoming a citizen?

I thought the argument was making it easier to migrate legally, stay here legally, be allowed to work and contribute…but still have to meet certain criteria to become a citizen.

My question was not directed at you. You have made your position clear.

I do have a question though: Why a “waiting period”?

Looks like Beto comes pretty close.

He wants no barriers that much is certain.

“Yes, absolutely. I’d take the wall down,” O’Rourke responded to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes when presented with Crenshaw’s question.

O’Rourke said since a barrier was constructed on the border through the Secure Fence Act, Americans have not “in any demonstrative way” been made safer. However, Crenshaw’s tweet provided data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which showed illegal border crossings reduced significantly since the wall was in place. He also provided data showing a similar pattern in other border cities.

Well, he did say “at least not seriously.”

8 of 10 democrats the first night at the debates raised their hands to decriminalize border crossings. None of them talk about deportation. Just because they don’t say the actual words (yet) “Open Borders” means little to nothing when you read what they support and don’t support on illegal immigration.

There is an interview with Bernie Sanders in 2015 talking about open borders which he called it the end of the nation state, he has done a 180 on his position since his new run going further to the left on the issue with other candidates.

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Just like they refuse to say there real intentions, a hardcore socialist, gun free goverment state.

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If coming here legally is streamlined, the amount of people coming here illegally would be drastically reduced. Why would they need to do so illegally if they can come in legally?

For those here already illegally, if they are violent criminals then kick them the ■■■■ out ASAP and don’t let them back in.

If they are productive members of the community, then put them on normal track for permanent residency and citizenship. Our country as a whole would be better integrating them more fully into society.

I believe a waiting period would be prudent, to help determine if the person meets the criteria over a length if time.
It should not be incredibly hard, nor should it be incredibly easy either.
The Process itself take quite a long time as well.

Is it possible that Dems are not solely motivated vy political advantage and instead thinking about the welfare of country and people?

I know what the process is, I’ve done it several times and am actually doing it right now.

Do people get more virtuous if the wait?