Campmeeting Program

Y’all ever see this Campmeeting television show? It features Mike Murdoch, a “preacher” who lead a rival type gathering that mixes Bible passages, gospel songs, and the drumbeat of an evangelically Sunday morning worship service. It is slick and well produced.

The core message is to send “seed” money, in this case, $1,000, to Murdoch in the hopes that God will multiply it and return it to the believer. Murdoch tell numerous tales of folks desperate, down on their luck, who experienced a “miracle” of riches (not figurative) due to their faith in planting this seed money.

Today: “A thousand dollars left in your hands is a great as it will ever be, a thousand dollars in God’s hands is as small as it will ever be” (paraphrasing).

Along the way, he assures listeners that he understands that such a donation could be a hardship for many of them, but to trust that the use of credit cards is just as powerful.

At the end of the show, he has an altar call for those who are ready to fork over the cash…


If there is a hell, there should be a special place in it for prosperity preachers.

Murdock is a straight up crook. He has ZERO credentials.

He would essentially qualify as a classic “confidence man” type crook.

But humans are overwhelmingly stupid and gullible and so men like Murdock will always be rich.