Cals low income housing plan failed

Decades ago cal put in laws to make sure builders built a percentage of “low income” housing in any new development. But as we can see this does not work. Rent prices are crazy in Cal. The problem is such regulations actually ends up with just less housing. Builders would build more homes they could sell at market prices, had it not been for having to lose or just break even on the low income housing. Thus they build less units. That means the supply drops and therefore demand increases and prices rise…

Thus the homeless crisis. Road to hell is paved…


Looks as if low housing policies have failed everywhere. And, if anything, such a tax on developers leads to less housing available for those who would benefit.

Why is someone who hasn’t saved or built assets for whatever reason entitled to a new home with such amenities as central air conditioning?

You mean the pup tents were not the housing plan? :thinking::wink:

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LOL… I’m not sure if they meet Cals building codes or not. Is it the law that all dwellings should have a toilet connected to a sewer or septic tank? I bet it is… Yet,they just let the sewage flow down the streets in Cal these days. Like some dark age city…

Homelessness worse than the great depression.

Here are consequences of “affordable housing” in Massachusetts:

There is less housing available to those who truly need it, those in the bottom 30% as far as income.

Here’s what really chaps my hide about MA’s housing lottery:

Towards the end of the article is stated “If there aren’t enough applications, these homes will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.”

Are they going to someone handicapped, or elderly & priced out of housing, or a divorced or widowed parent who can benefit from a fixed rate mortgage & stable residence?

I say most likely not. Acquaintance who now has a two income home; no children; a nice ride; & can afford overseas travel (mid to late 20s age wise) took advantage of that nonsense & now has a $600,000 home for $200,000. At least he cannot profit from its sale, may even have a limited choice of to whom he can sell.

But affordable housing is still nonsense. Why is someone who hasn’t saved entitled to their own home? Help them to instead rent. JMNSHO

Nanny state bull ■■■■■ And such a beautiful place.

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Don’t know if it was an LA law, or a Cali law. Building my daughter moved into had the entire center of the building removed. Something about every apartment HAD to have a window that would let in natural sunlight. No one can get into the cement pad in the middle of the complex, but by God they all have their sunshine!

Before they removed the center they had apartments with no windows?

Yes… the best way to lower housing prices is to build a whole bunch of it. Simple supply and demand. So, That means getting the govt out of the way.

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That’s the kind of stuff they do that just ends up with less building, or people not being able to use existing buildings.

That fire in Oakland a few years ago where so many died was caused, in my opinion, by laws in Cal that make it unaffordable to rebuild such buildings…

Why would I want to kick Cal out of the union…? I’d rather it became the golden state it was when I was a kid. Great schools, roads, and tons of manufacturing. Back when republicans ran it…

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One of the ironies or hypocrisy is that these liberal states are all for cutting down forests and paving open space when it comes to putting up low income housing.

I don’t think you understand the economics of real estate development.

How so? Do you have anything to back this up?

Economics of real estate development are simple.

You try and find land that you can build on. Then build something following all regulations passed by the local muncipality and state, and be able to sell it to make a profit.

There is nothing simple about that as it relates to affordable housing. How do I know this? I’m the president of a non-profit that develops affordable multi-family housing. Your move.

Sure it is. It’s simple.

You find land to buy.
You go to the local governing body and get proper zoning.
You get an engineer and artitch to draw up plans
You go into the planning commission for approval.
The Planning commisison looks at it and see’s if it meets zoning and state and local codes.
You hire a company to build.
They follow health and safety laws and follow code and plans when building.

Once completed, you start selling/renting the property in a way that pays for all the above.

Now the complicated part is following all the crap that city/county/state governments put on the property. Trying to follow THOSE regulation and make it affordable is a huge problem.


Okay then,

why is it so complicated?