California women's prison rocked by 'rape club' abuse scandals to be closed




It has become an absolute disgrace. Closure is the only option at this point.

Sounds like an emotional decision. Did the grounds and facilities engage in this behavior, or human beings employed in positions of authority assigned there?


California has really derailed and the old saying says…and so goes the nation.

As if it’s the only one… :rofl:

NOT an emotional decision. This behavior has been going on for years. At some point, closure and reset was the only solution here.

This is a Federal Prison, not a State Prison, so California has no control of the matter.

Most Federal Prisons are in decent shape and those that do have problems are not close to the scope that Dublin is.

Uh, huh…none. Let me pick 2 of the 6 charged; Darrell Wayne Smith

Southern California
He was born and raised in Southern California and attended Saint Mary’s College of California.
Occupation: Staff Writer
Former corrections officer convicted of sexually abusing two inmat…

How about the warden Ray Garcia?

Santa Cruz
A graduate of San Diego State University, he is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. He was born and raised in Santa Cruz.
Warden ousted in latest wave of scandal at Dublin women’s prison

California has a lot to do with it. It’s a culture and is why I posted my post.

Inanimate infrastructure is not able to engage in behavior of any kind. The powers to be, seem to have emotionally associated the physical facility (the brick and mortar) with the morally corrupt behavior of select staff members (living individuals) and thus feel that the physical facility should be closed.

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Maybe it is the fluoride in the water, .

I thought you mentioned before being from NC?

Point being, I think corruption is a prison specific issue… regardless of the state they are located in. That type of environment seems to breed corruption.

The voice of experience, folks. :rofl:

The first example you chose is you comparing the raping of inmates to;

Detention officer Alfred Scott Junior, 28, who had worked there for two and a half years, has been charged with three counts of felony conspiracy, one count of trafficking stolen identity, one count of accessing government computer to defraud and one count of providing a phone to an inmate.

He was given a $35,000 bond.

Neither is acceptable but they aren’t even remotely comparable. If you do not understand that, you’ve furthered what I said regarding the culture.

I think that’s really the question e7 was asking. Deeper into the article it suggests that a reopen might happen, but that’s unclear.

If they don’t reopen it after a reset, it seem like a horrible waste of money. (But then again, this is Calif.)


It IS ■■■■ hole Californica after all. :person_shrugging: