CALIFORNIA SCHEMIN’: Gov. Newsom SUES Upscale City over ‘Lack of Affordable Housing’ | Sean Hannity

Governor Gavin Newsom announced this week his plans to sue an upscale California city after they refused to construct a certain amount of “affordable housing” within its limits; accusing the local government of “standing in the way” and escalating the regions’ homeless crisis.

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Is the state prepared to compensate the builders who will bear the cost of constructing low rent housing and thus receive zero return on theor investment?
In any event, this is another example of left wing social engineering.
Leftists despise the concept of earning one’s way to a better lifestyle.
Again, equality of outcome is presented here.

In any normal or sensible city this would be considered ridiculous. But in California ridiculous is the standard. Good luck Californians.

California taxpayer since 1976 here. What Newsom is doing is just wrong! More complete story on his “lawsuit” follows here:

Look what Newsom did to our beautiful San Francisco!! Huntington Beach voted for Cox, who had good answers, but who lost to Newsom in that district by only 3,096 very questionable votes (00.2 percent of the total votes). Cox had real plans that would BUILD California’s economy, not punish our great cities!

IF Newsom committed the housing to homeless veterans, okay! But, California will give it to the illegal immigrants who Newsom will say were “votes” for him!!

And he’ll make us California taxpayers pay for it twice!! First for Newsom’s lawsuit, and then as rent owed by the illegals, who will never even try to pay, anyway.

|GAVIN NEWSOM (DEM) |543,047 |50.1%| - Funded partially by George Soros.
|JOHN H. COX (REP) |539,951 |49.9%| - Mostly self-funded.

California’s American taxpayers truly need help to escape the Dem/criminal control we’ve lived under for decades!!

I would feel sorry for Californians but you have allowed the feel good socialists to take more and more control of your state every since the free everything hippies moved in during the sixties. You keep voting for more free stuff and when it comes time to pay the bills, you whine and complain and then move to another state that has more freedom and less cost. Then you turn around and try to make the new state just as broken as California. Look at what has happened in Colorado and Arizona. And now you are trying to take over Texas. California liberalism spoils and destroys everything it touches and it needs to stay in California. You were more than eager to create your mess, you need to clean it up yourselves .

No no…Plesse STAY in California. The places to which former Californians have gone have been turned into liberal leftist enclaves. Look at Portland ,OR and Seattle WA…They are trying to take over New Mexico and Arizona.
Nope, stay right where you are.
Unless you are a conservative looking to escape the People’s Republic of Mexifornia, do not leave. You’re not welcome to venture outside your borders.
My hops is California votes to separate from the USA