California providing health care to illegals

Told everyone this would happen. Free healthcare for illegals. ■■■■ the citizens.

Got a link for this…

As requested.

As a Christian, I’m okay with taking care of children regardless of where they were born.

They’re not children.

The state budget covers 90,000 undocumented persons from the ages of 19-25

Same difference.

So you’re for universal coverage for all illegals at our expense. Got it.

Well, that’s not what I said at all.

Please don’t lie about what I said.

Does Medicaid in California cover illegals older than 26? If not, then I didn’t advocate for universal coverage.

You said children. 26 is not a child.

25 is pretty much a child. I wouldn’t say as much to their face, but they pretty much are. 19 year olds are definitely children.

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Cool. So they should be tried as children if they’re in court.

What would be your solution?

Also need a better source than the Washington Examiner

The brain doesn’t stop developing until the age of 25, so maybe you’re correct. I don’t know. I feel things are relative. We say that kids can’t start smoking until they’re 18. They can’t drink until they’re 21. They can join the military and kill people in foreign countries at 18. Car insurance usually starts being lowered at 25 though because that’s when statistically kids stop making childish choices concerning driving. The rules need to be set somewhere.

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everyone should get “free” healthcare.

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illegal pay billion in taxes.

Only if society agrees that everyone deserves healthcare.

Does this work? Liberal NPR.

I know America enjoy the practice of dumping poor sick people on the streets.


They should be in their home country. Not here where they don’t pay federal or state income taxes and have no societal obligations.

so if an illegal comes in missing a hand just let them bleed out on the floor.