California power stupidity

I wonder ■■■ the power governance body was thinking when they spent Billions of dollars (or more) to change the grid to solar and wind WITHOUT buying batteries to collect the power. I’m sorry, but ■■■!?
I live in Oregon and they buy power from this state. We have mostly hydroelectric power, some wind, solar and coal.
I think they should have the ability to stand alone without all of their neighbors holding them up!

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Welcome to forum. Yes Washington and Oregon paying higher rates because of power being sent to California.

And now they want our water.

California wants your water?

Yes…they want the water from Columbia River.

Interesting. :face_with_monocle:

Did not know that. I have family living in the Tri-Cities area near the Columbia.

I suspect it’s SoCal that wants the water. They get a gazillion gallons a year from the Delta here via the California Viaduct.


I read some crazy proposal that they want to divert the water to your neck of the woods while they divert your water to So Cal.

That was couple decades ago. I think you guys told em to screw off. :wink:

Wouldn’t be surprised.

I have a nice commute to work. There was a nice field on the side of the freeway that in the spring and fall were filled With deer and turkeys grazing.

Now it’s useless industrial blight, or solar panels. In my opinion they will never recover the energy it took to manufacture them. But rich land owners will get a nice write off. The rest of us get a unreliable power grid. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Imagine what it would be like in Cal if it was not locked down. The power outages would be much worse.

Solar panels cause massive strip mining in China where they are made and China does not have the anti-pollution laws we have.

See the left knows little science or economics and thus their cities are hell holes of poverty and violence…

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I’m glad my electricity comes from a nuclear facility.

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Yes. If Cal did not have them we’d be even more of a third world country.

I’m pretty sure they have scheduled the shut down of diablo canyon which
I believe supplies 10% of Cal’s electricity. Nukes technology is the way to go if you don’t like Nat Gas. But the left embraces wind and solar site pollution with a religious fervor. So, more power outages on the way making us all poorer.

Dems make people poor and homeless with bad policy…

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Ask Mikey Moore

" “He exposes everything about green energy as simply a fraud peddled by a whole lot of swindlers who are making an absolute fortune out of it, and ultimately, it’s not even environmentally friendly. All these wind turbines and solar panel, they have a life of 15 to 20 years.”

Dems = those who can be fooled all the time…