California Man Wins Best Actor Oscar

Yes I know The Oscars is just a trade awards show but I love movies so I do like The Oscars even though the luvvy aspect of it is annoying.

However it was fantastic to see Brendan Fraser win best actor and Ke Huy Quan win best supporting actor.

Both acceptance speeches were truly genuine and for an old cynic like me surprisingly heartwarming.




Holy crap, Brendan Fraser is still alive!!!

And fat too! Blimey, look at the soize o’ that chin! :rofl:

Why is he getting an award 30 years later?


His role in The Whale. It is a great movie and Fraser definitely deserves it. Plus all the luvvies in Hollywood do love a good comeback story.

A new Brendan Fraser movie too? Sweet, I’ll have to check it out sometime. He just disappeared one day in his prime, huh?

Unfortunately he had pretty bad injuries after mummy i think.

Plus personal issues. He is back though!

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Yes he did plus work dried up after he came out about being sexually abused.

I like him in Doom Patrol. Great show on HBO MAx.

California Man ? do you mean Encino Man ? The top photo in your post.

We are both correct. In the UK it was released as California Man.


Oh, that’s funny. I guess if you live in UK, “Encino” would sound a bit meaningless/confusing.

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LOL Yeah its like Harold and Kumar Goes to White Castle was released in the UK as Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies.

White Castle is pretty much an unknown entity in the UK so the name and its reputation are meaningless over there.


Not only in UK . Nobody knows of White Castle on the West coast here. Growing up in Indiana and listening to Beastie Boys rap about it , it was so common, I just assumed it was everywhere - but it’s only in 13 states primarily in the Midwest and NY.

When I move out west, I talked to some people who thought that White Castle was a fictitious restaurant made up for that movie.


I never knew that. I am Indiana and until now thought that same way.

Thanks for that info.


Aren’t they the ones who invented sliders?

What? Don’t they sell World Atlases in the UK? :stuck_out_tongue:

That one makes sense, but Encino? Encino man is very specific. California man is very broad.

That’s Krystal Burger for those of you down south. :wink:


Maybe. They probably invented sacks of 10 hamburgers (sliders)

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Krystal’s is stereotypically southern.

Not as southern as Ward’s though.

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I need to visit these different burger joints in my travels around the country.


Wards is always located in rural middle of nowhere places. The good ones are anyway lol.

Not too big on those city Wards locations.

As a general rule in the Deep South the more dangerous the location the better the food is.

“Come to Mississippi for our awesome food. Stay because you got murdered.”

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