California Housing Update

NIMBYism is strong with many localities. :smile:

Fortunately, there is a provision of California statute called “The Builder’s Remedy.” If a locality is out of compliance with State zoning requirements, builders can simply propose anything they like, zoning be damned, as long as 20% of units are priced for low income people.

NIMBYism is never going away. Housing is desperately needed. It is beyond time to invoke The Builder’s Remedy and steamroller the NIMBYs. They can cry, they can scream, they can hold their breath until they turn blue, but the housing is GOING to get built, one way or another.

Other State’s that don’t have a Builder’s Remedy are going to have to establish one by statute and be prepared to use it.

California has already banned single family zoning, localities are just stalling in the implementation, so no issue with simply bypassing them.


That’s a damn good rule.

Love the triggering conditions. It’s well-deserved spite incarnated into legal text.

Screw those being shuffled onto high occupancy housing and forced onto those who do not want them.

Actually, from an anarcho-capitalist/libertarian/classical liberal point of view, zoning is a violation of private property rights.

If a builder owns property, he should be able to build any ■■■■■■■ thing he wants.