CALIFORNIA CRISIS: LA Homeless ‘SURGE’ to Test Hollywood’s ‘Progressive Ideals’

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A drastic increase in Los Angeles’ homeless population is reportedly putting Hollywood’s “progressive ideals to the test,” where tent cities and open-air drug use takes place just outside million-dollar mansions.

“With swelling transient encampments abutting seven-figure homes, the beachside enclave has emerged as a flashpoint for the inequality shaping Los Angeles — and a real-world test case for the liberal ideology of the area’s showbiz residents,” writes the Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s the worst human catastrophe in America,” said a local pastor.

Los Angeles officials allocated more than $100 million in 2018 alone to help combat the rising homeless population; increasing funds for affordable housing, addiction treatment, and healthcare.

“I can’t accept the idea that there is an inextricable link between crime and homelessness. It is wrong, it is not backed up by the data, and it leads to bad policy,” said a local council member.

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