CALIFORNIA CHAOS: Plan to SPLIT STATE into 3 GAINS STEAM Ahead of Midterms | Sean Hannity

The proposal to split California into three separate states is gaining traction just months ahead of the 2018 midterms, with many voters agreeing that the Golden State is simply too diverse and large to properly govern.

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It won’t happen, but simply because it would greatly favor Democrats, It would add four safely Democratic Senate seats and four more Democratic Electors.

From a purely non political view, California SHOULD be split up.

From a political view, that will not happen.

Problem is, this would give them 4 more senate votes. Does anyone else think this would be a bad idea?

bad idea. Yep!! 4 more new senators will mean more tax payers dollars for more man power at tax payers expense. Liberals created this economic mess. Leave it there. I myself from California.

Think the northern Californians who live outside the Bay area and are actually conservative are upset now, just waiting until their northern state is governed only by the radical liberals of the the Bay area without the more rational liberals down south. Not that I expect this to actually pass though a state run solely by Berkley type politics would be humorous to watch implode.

should only allow 2 senators and same house members. OR lets make every county in texas a state for voting purposes. PLUS DO A POPULATION STUDY ON CAL AND NY WITH ALL THE PEOPLE LEAVING.