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Liberal California Governor Jerry Brown offered a unique solution to solve his state’s crumbling infrastructure this week, unveiling his plan to “tax drinking water” on residents and businesses to help finance new infrastructure projects.

According to the Daily Caller, the revenue would help fund new pipelines and filtering facilities to help remove arsenic and other chemicals found in the state’s water supply -predominately in rural areas.

“Residents and businesses would pay a tax on their monthly water bills, while the average Californian would pay an additional $11.40 per year for drinking water. The agricultural industry would be forced to contribute through taxes on fertilizer purchases and fees paid by dairy farmers. Regulators have long argued California’s water is unsafe to drink,” writes the Caller.

The governor’s plan comes just one year after he signed a new bill raising taxes on gasoline throughout the state, sparking outrage from residents and local businesses who rely on automobiles and trucks to conduct their daily business.

The burdensome tax plan is raising Republicans’ hopes of a surprising “red wave” throughout the state during the 2018 midterm elections.

Read the full story at the Daily Caller.

Yet California just became the 5th largest economy in the world, is running surplusses, GDP growing faster than US.

Meanwhile in the conservative utopia of Kansas…