CALIFORNIA CHAOS: Gavin Newsom Calls for Free Healthcare for Region’s ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS | Sean Hannity

Democratic candidate for Governor of California Gavin Newsom raised eyebrows across the state this week; calling for a universal healthcare program to cover millions of illegal immigrants residing in the region.

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And what condition is san Francisco now in?

The hole state is going down in flames and you can bet your ass they will keep voting dumb ass’s like Newsome into office and expect the rest of the country pay for their mistakes

How long will Gavin continue to dip into the deep pockets of the California libs before even THEY run out of money. In California, unfortunately, insanity prevails.

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New-scum does NOT have MY agreement with ANY of this!! He’s just taking over Jerry Brown’s Calif-rip-off and escalating it! And we who live here are stuck with the ongoing, perpetual rip-off!

We vote GOP as much as we can! My ballot had NO CANDIDATES in Congress except Dems!! (Except Devin, and we got him!!! yippee!!)

Please THINK what these people (Dems) are doing to MY home!! And send positive encouragement to Calif !! And please don’t call CA a hole state. It’s my home, despite the efforts of Harris, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc., etc… Calling us hole state only makes it more so. Thank you for understanding.