California Bans Secret Settlements in Sexual Harassment Cases

This is interesting. After the way we have all seen the accusers, and the accused have their lives ripped to shreds over sexual abuse allegations, California has banned secret non disclosure and cash settlements for sexual harassment cases.

This seems like it would throw a monkey wrench into the efforts by blackmailers or wealthy sexual predators, from getting away with using money and sex as their playthings.

California bans secret settlements in sexual harassment cases

Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed several bills that aim to prevent workplace harassment and help victims of sexual misconduct seek justice.

After explosive reporting last fall uncovered widespread abuse by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo movement ignited a national discussion on sexual harassment, including in California politics.

Lawmakers responded this session by passing more than a dozen measures that experts said could make the state a national leader on the issue.

I’m all for protecting people from abuse by the wicked wealth predators out there. However, if you read thru some of the bills signed into law, they all seem to run on the assumption that the accused sexual abuser is guilty.

Will any of this provide increased protections for the person wrongly accused by a person blackmailing them with false charges?

BTW, if these secret private deals are still being made, how would the state of California know? And if a person signed a NDA and received a substantial amount of money, and then they went public… would they get to keep the money, and still have the abuser tossed in jail, etc…?

Dems no longer believe in due process. You are guilty, if accused.

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That’s what you get from this?

Ask Al Franken…

Hopefully. That’s not so bad because it removes any incentive to pay hush money or try to extort hush money. The less accusations where the accuser may have a financial motivation, the better.

The dems have decided the standards are “salacious and unverified” rumor and innuendo, to justify starting weeks of federal FBI criminal investigations.

This FBI investigation should be easy. Every eye witness Ford identified, have already sworn under oath that what Ford claims to have happened, never happened. Case closed, there is nothing left to investigate.

That’s why I say this is curious. We all know that people can be blackmailed with false allegations, and pay hush money to make it go away. Just look at Kavanaugh, his reputation is being savaged, and there is no proof of anything. So salacious rumors and innuendo can ruin a person’s life, especially in the #metoo era.