Bye bye Boebert (redistricting)

Colorado is blue. Or haven’t you noticed.

Just like Texas is red. I don’t think we will hear any bellyaching about the gerrymandering that will be going on there from you.


House of Representatives. Not House of “Ivy League Graduates.”

About a half a million people take and pass the GED per year in the US. Are they all ignorant and unqualified to fully participate in society?

People make mistakes when they are young, mostly because the frontal cortex develops later. Even later in males than females. And then their are drives in play. Biology/psychology.

We should hold it against them for the rest of their lives. Especially the females.

The daughter of an apparently deadbeat male. Her mother was uneducated as well. Worked in a convenience store. Fought for child support for years. May have been the victim of a crooked paternity test.

She was pregnant at 17 and from what I can see, married now to the father of the child, but he’s no daisy at all.

She’s made some “bad” decisions in her life, no doubt. Caught up in a cycle of them, at least partly inherited.

She may be dull, I don’t know. She may even be the dullest person in Congress. But she was elected and seated. She is qualified.

If she wasn’t white, I imagine we would be applauding “overcoming the odds to rise to the House”, even for one term.


So this is gerrymandering. Thanks.

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I’d like to see what you’d do with that life.

Myth. Dems are the masters. Stop believing the propaganda.


“The Taliban are the only people building back better”.

Gross oversimplification in both cases.


Why put two sitting congress people in the same district while increasing districts.

The map makers obviously didn’t like boebert.


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What is incorrect about that statement today?

The democrat party is attempting to gerrymander the country.

You think the Taliban are building a better country in Afghanistan?

And of course “Defending the Constitution doesn’t mean rewriting the parts you don’t like”.

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Texas has a long history of gerrymandering.

How many slices of Travis county?


“Better” is subjective. “Better” than what and for whom? Based on what values?

They got us out of there. Now they might can have a wedding without getting blown up, right?

Better never means better for everyone.

What on earth? Does Afghanistan even have a constitution?

I can’t afford the point.

I wouldn’t have had that life. And she’s not educated enough to make the laws of the USA. I hope the district is redrawn and Negusa beats her soundly.

Nah, all that matters is she isn’t a 'rat. Once that’s established, libs can be as racist, sexist, bigoted, stuck up, and as high up on a soapbox as their hateful little hearts desire. Some people think free food tastes the best. :wink:


or a capitalism hating communist bartender

The system cannot allow disrupters. Well, not too many and only the right kind.

Intersectionality is a thing.


I don’t want below average people in congress.

There are quite a few of them. Both democrat and Republican.