Bye Bye Blue Wave: GOP doing just fine in Hispanic Neighborhoods

Another torn reality when Deranged Democrats wake up and learn the GOP has a super majority.

Precisely because the Immigration Issue won it for them

Har de har har!

Then Ruth Buzi Ginsberg will be shocked into retirement, giving Trump ANOTHER Supreme Court pick!

I’m going to laugh may ass off if Trump gains two more picks before 2020…considering never Trumpers had their way the court would have been 6/3 in libs favor instead of possible 7/2 in ours.


If we reason to the simplest likely explanation for Never Trumpers still not loving Trump, it must be they were never conservative to begin with. It was all a sham. A show. They were actors pretending to be conservative, but really just establishment swamp creatures.

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Just remember what happened when the Democrats got ■■■■■ a couple of years ago. Film at eleven.

We aren’t getting overconfident. Frankly, Democrats are giving us the midterms, staking out positions that American voters do not agree with.

Democrats normally are smarter, they lie about what they will do. They claim to be moderate, get elected and then do their radical extremist agenda. Just look at Obama’s speeches in 2005 if you don’t believe me.

The polls show Democrat extremist views on illegals aren’t shared by the majority of the voting public.

Its a fringe position. And it will doom them at the midterms.


The majority of the voting public also disagrees with what Trump has done at the border.
The mid-terms will be all about voter turnout and unless there is a fluke the Democrats will gain ground.

This it the best thread. This thread is dedicated to all those who scream that the Dems just want more Hispanic votes with their pro legalization platform.

Apparently the gop is doing just fine with them.

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Are you going on the same statistical polls that the liberal media gave America, saying that Trump had hardly any chance and was a joke when he was running for the Republican nomination? lol. You may want to start looking at other statistics.
Love your picture icon though. Barney is awesome, and is the Andy Griffith Show!!!
I’m actually watching Gomer Pyle, USMC right now. Which was a spin off from the Andy Griffith Show!

I was listening to Conservative radio here locally, and I agreed with what the guy was saying.
He said no matter what happens with Trump he will go down in the record books. Weather it is good or bad. I’m almost positive that he will be in the record books for being thee best, or at least one of the top 3 best presidents that America has ever had!

Remember that the major polls were within a couple of percentage points of what Clinton got in the popular vote. There are changes being made in the ways polls are taken. One major factor has been the reduction in land lines being used. So it will be interesting to see how accurate the polls are this election.

Wow. Coming from conservative radio that is shocking.

Based on what? His foreign policy is horrible. He has succeeded in pissing off the majority of our friends. He has no concept of what international trade is all about and has started what could become a economy blasting trade war. He lies constantly and has shown that he does not care about all Americans. Layoffs of Trump supporters are growing in middle America. A recent poll has Americans split 50/50 on the question of is he a racist. He has limited knowledge of past history and current events. But what the hell. You guys haven’t figured out yet that you got a con job.

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you wish. they are simply afraid of the hell you will put them through if they tell you the truth about how they feel.

con me again President Trump. I’m lovin it!

Trump has forced them to defend their true positions at every turn.

He’s revealed everyone’s positions.


place: headstart of Morris county, Dover, no
Date: June 5, 2018
Reason: jersey elections primary
Ward: 2
District : 3
Time: 7: 30
Democratic votes cast: 238
Republican votes cast: 6


You are confusing two different groups.

Not really… There are always Cubans that I can rely on for my point about illegals eventually voting for the GOP.