Buttigieg gains- Beto fizzles

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has came from nowhere to third place in both the Iowa and New Hampshire polls, behind Biden and slightly behind Sanders.
Beto is 5th or 6th with around 5%. He left Iowa flapping his arms to empty halls.
It’s too early to tell what will happen, but large fields usually produce long shot winners.

I don’t think that the Democrats have enough people running in the Democratic Primary
for President.

They need at least 40 or 50 more.
Less “white old men”
The Darn Racists! lol.

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At this point it would be easier to have a list of who is not running.
They want Kamala. Observe the one they won’t criticize or mock. She checks off the most boxes.

Trump checked off none of the conservative boxes, yet look where he is.

The dems do the primay selection so so different. Apples oranges


and that’s who i was gonna vote for tomorrow.


Who is they?