BROWARD’S COWARDS: School District FIRES Guards Accused of ‘Inaction’ During Shooting

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The Broward County School district reportedly “let go” two Marjory Stoneman Douglas security guards accused of “inaction” during the deadly school shooting last February.

According to ABC News, the district Superintendent Robert Runcie decided to “not have them re-appointed elsewhere in the district” following the events of the devastating attack that left 17 people dead.

“Stoneman Douglas school guards Andrew Medina and David Taylor have been let go. Superintendent Robert Runcie decided not to have them re-appointed elsewhere in the district,” wrote a local ABC reporter.

The news comes just weeks after Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson defended his handling of the shooting that day, saying “I was scanning for the shooter, looking over the windows, the sidewalk, the rooftop. I thought maybe it was a sniper like in Las Vegas.”