BROWARD CHAOS: Teacher Finds ‘Box of Provisional Ballots’ in School Storage Room | Sean Hannity

A teacher in Broward County, Florida reportedly found a container labeled “provisional ballot box” in a school’s storage room this week; raising serious questions over the Sunshine State’s likely recount of pivotal Senate and Governor races.

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The teacher did not find a “box of provisional ballots” left in the school.

She found a material supply tote for provisional ballot voting sans any provisional ballots or any other type of ballots.

It was good of her though to notify Election Authorities without disturbing any of what she had found.

It is quite common for totes such as that etc. to get left at a polling place. I would relabel the tote so that if it happens again people will know it is not a “ballot box” but is a “material supply box”.

Here where I work as a Chief Judge much of the voting supplies and equipment gets delivered by an outside vendor and then is left for them to come back and pick up after the election. Ballots and ballot boxes are not among the material the outside vendor handles.

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