‘BRING IT’: Cory Booker DARES GOP Senators to ‘Bring Charges’ over 9/11 Email Leak | Sean Hannity

Sen. Cory Booker stunned his Congressional colleagues this week after he violated Senate rules and leaked a confidential 9/11-related email from Judge Brett Kavanaugh; daring GOP leaders to “bring charges” against him.

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Poor little cory didn’t have the first clue about what he was reading, what he was saying or what he was doing.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the 2020 dimocrat nominee for president…SENATOR cory booker (aka “Smarticus”).

Cory Booker is an idiot… he tried to make himself look like the people’s champion, yet fails because he is either:

a- too lazy to read a memo on these email being clear for release to the public


b- has a lazy staff that couldn’t read a simple memo that the emails had been cleared for released to the public

I say c, all of the above

Either way, if anyone has met Booker (I have met him twice) knows he is a pompous azz and I found him to be an overall jerk (I am Asian) to Asians and Whites…