Brexit: The Elites of Europe are Overthrowing the Will of the People


They will likely poll the question to include a hard exit.

The biggest issue with leave is they campaigned on the promise of keeping EU trade agreement. Something they could never really do but they lied about it and now May is stuck with a bad deal that she can’t pass.


The Leavers said they could get a better deal by leaving the EU.

The EU is playing hard-ball and has made it clear you’re not getting a better deal. Now, the people of the UK can make the decision of a hard brexit or no brexit at all.

Will they get a final referendum? I don’t know.


The problem is May got ■■■■■ and held another election and lost their majority. May herself is a remainder. They can do what they want I don’t live there but a do over wouldn’t fly here and would cause pretty much chaos and social unrest.

I don’t know how the 52% who voted to leave would take it. I also am not sure how long the EU will stay together it really doesn’t look like a united union. Central and Western Europe might as well be China and America in their different views.


The only major benefit that will keep EU together is trade.

the issue now is will they force a hard exit or hold a second referendum and pray it people vote to stay. because if a hard exit happen and it does tank the economy like many have suggest it will be the end of the Conservative party.


Maybe we really don’t know what will happen, I have read economists say it will be the end of the world while others say it will take a hit at first then recover.

There is a lot of politics being thrown around on this issue by those who want Britain to stay and those who want it to leave. It’s more political than the immigration debate here.

I don’t know what keeps it together in the end, the popular politicians in the EU. are all people who the E.U. wishes wasn’t in power. Merkel the biggest powerhouse of the EU is stepping down, and Macron another pro EU politicians popularity is in the toilet.


Look, you can’t even answer any of the reasons I’ve given above for the rationale for a second referendum. Just your typical silly non sequitur about the left. No faith in your argument, typical.


I have just returned from a two week trip home to England and it is political chaos there. I have never seen anything like it.

My family is made up of remainers and leavers and they all agree that May has totally mismanaged the process. The only reason she is still PM is because right now no one else wants the job but her days are numbered.

I am not supportive of a second referendum for a few reasons. You cannot keep holding referendums until you get the answer you want plus if the country votes to leave again we are right back to square one.


Glad you made it back safe, I was in London in 2016 literally two months before the referendum. At the time it was London as usual but I didn’t talk with anyone about the referendum. I do agree with you about the second referendum. While it’s easy to see why people on the remain side are passionate about staying in the EU, from what I read more people voted in the referendum than any other vote in England with 33+ million votes. It’s hard to have a do over and dismiss that swath of the population.


I voted to leave the EU more to see what would happen if the leave campaign won but also at the time I was deeply unsettled with the way the EU treated Greece.

Witb hindsight I wish the remain campaign had been succesful. But you cannot have a do over.


Why not. If there is a better understanding of the process and consequences - why not let people confirm or reverse?


And if the result is the same, you will have further delays and then additional information and data will be avaialble which will result in another cry from theoaing side for another referendum. Why not extend that principle to elections. If within 6 months additional information comes to light then have a new election. It would be chaos and result in a meaningless democratic process.


We already have that.

At the State level, a referendum passed by one voter population can be rescinded by another another voter population.

Many State also have “recall elections” where if more information comes out about an elected official, the people can petition for a recall.

At the Federal and State levels there are also impeachment proceedings to remove someone from office. Then a temporary appointment is made and a special election called for the remainder of the term.

Hell even Constitutional amendments can be repealed.


Referendums are not as common in the UK as the USA. Technically it was a non binding referendum but MPs committed to respecting the results of the vote.

The time crunch now is the European elections. If the UK is still a member of the EU in May and the Uk doesnt allow its citizens to vote that will cause another constitutional crisis. But its also ludicrous that a country which has enacted Article 50 will be voting in MEPs.


Nigel Farage is saying he would not oppose a 2nd vote and may even support it. Reality can be a bitch.


I think there is more change of a general election than a second vote but who knows. The complete process is in chaos.


Labour needs to watch how they say stuff.


So May will not support a No-Deal Brexit without the house, and the house doesn’t want the deal the EU and May are proposing? The EU will not negotiate a deal any further

What is going on??? Are they just going to crash out on April 12th? Cancel Brexit? I don’t think they can get a referendum put together in two weeks.


The state level is not a good comparison it would be more akin to having a do over for President of the US. how well would that go over with the winning side? Brexit was the biggest vote in the history of England. 77% of England voted in the referendum. That’s a lot of people to say “Oops Sorry about that”.

And is Nemesis pointed out there just as likely to vote out again. The polls were off like the 2016 election in that election.


MPs had a free vote tonight and all the alternative plans including a second referendum and leaving rhe EU with no deal were rejected.

So now the focus returns to the debate on the deal to leave the EU. Theresa May has said she will stand down as Prime Minister if they vote to pass her deal but even if they dont she is finished as Prime Minister.

So not only will we have a new Prime Minister but I suspect a general election before the end of the year.

I really wish David Cameron had not kickstarted this entire mess.


Everything was rejected wasn’t it? Looks like your guys politics as about as partisan as ours. :slight_smile: