Breonna Taylor's family (say her name) is pissed!

Oh cute

It doesn’t exist. I’m asking you.

Or are you just making stuff up again? Tsk tsk

Heal thy self

Actually, I didn’t expect you’d be that stupid.

Good for you!

It has become obvious to me that a whole bunch of black leaders have stayed away from BLM for the last couple of years. I think that the Politico article has some really good insight. It really does appear that this group grew up way too fast and some of the leadership didn’t know how to handle the fame and money.
They have the potential of doing some real good out in the real world. But if they are as screwed up as the article suggests that is the direction, then they need to burn.


So busy making this about me…

I’m still waiting for your evidence. I’d be shocked if Mr. “You made that up” is actually making stuff up.

“The founders of BLM are unapologetically Marxist.”

Two departed.

PKC is a Marxist who heavily invested in the benefits of capitalism. Doesn’t Marxism teach that the producers (workers) will revolt against the owners of the means of production (employers, property owners, wealthy)?

I think I hear Friedrich & Engels rolling in their graves.

I don’t think all Marxists are particularly generous when it comes to homosexuality, either:

PKC has a wife. Not sure how they would fare in a Marxist country.

I knew you weren’t stupid enough to try holding your breath, but I fully expected that you wouldn’t be able to figure out that I have absolutely no respect for your questions or demands.

Now ask again.

Yeah…I know…just like you were duped for years regurgibleating Russian collusion while waiting…for the data that proved you to have been sheoplized. Nothing has changed either. You’re still being duped. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


I don’t believe that for a minute. Fake Marxists. They are opportunists. If you are waiting for them to start acting like act like Marxists. you had better pack a lunch.

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Their organization is into the violence that goes with marxism.

This is just great…