Breonna Taylor's family (say her name) is pissed!

Who knew that BLM would fund raise off of Breonna’s death, then use the money for self enrichment?

Every conservative in America.

Who didn’t know? The wokies. Now families are asking for BLM accountability. Sadly, they will not get it. The liberal media will refuse to cover the story and the Biden justice department won’t dare touch BLM.

(Note: I did not include Michael Brown’s family because Michael Brown deserved to be shot.)

Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor Families Ask Black Lives Matter Where Money Went (


No you didn’t…

I tried to find the alleged Facebook post of Breonnas Mom but it doesn’t exist. Weird.

Even if it did exist… she is allowed to state that BLM Louisville is a fraud. All chapters are independently ran and it is possible that that chapter is ran poorly.

Not a charity, eh? lol


Do you want to know more about the possibility of BLM profiteering? Or are you happy to assume it’s all a hoax?


Why did you assume they would misuse funds before they allegedly did it?


No assumption needed!

It’s a natural outcome for a corrupt and violent marxist organization. :man_shrugging:


For someone who repeatedly tells people “you made this up” and seem to not have a problem making stuff up yourself.


I’m dying laughing at PKC’s last statement: BLM is not a charity and those in the community with financial needs should demand reparations from the government for slavery.


Is she historically ignorant to slavery being an institution in any number of societies, sometimes as a means of paying off a debt? Should, for instance, poor indigenous in Mexico sue the descendants of other indigenous if their ancestors lived in servitude to pay off a debt?

Wasn’t BLM founded with the aim of police reform? Shouldn’t donors have the right to see how their money is being spent? Who it’s benefitting?

It’s interesting at the article’s end it’s noted that Breonna Taylor’s family never dealt with them and always regarded them as a fraud. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single black protester in this neck of the woods. The Black and now Asian Lives Matter signs are all outside the homes of wealthy white families.

It is corrupt.

It is violent.

The founders of BLM are unapologetically Marxist.

It has all been covered in multiple threads on this board. You don’t have to like that your pet organization embodies these things, but don’t pretend it’s my problem when I point out that the emperor wears no clothes.


Show me the data

Show me the data (MLK civil rights protests also had violence as well)

Sure, what does that have to do with your previous two unsourced points?

Yet never covered with actual data or quotes… weird right?

Again… you project on other people who make stuff up but don’t seem to have a problem with it yourself:

Go bother someone else.

You made that up.

Go bother someone else.

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See :rofl:

It wasn’t my claim… if was yours.

I’ll wait for the data. Or did you “make that up”

Right on. :+1:

I’ve posted this before - a story that’s mostly been ignored by our fawning progressive press because Democrats never, ever, question their leaders.

The 10 chapters that signed the letter, the self-proclaimed #BLM10, laid out a half-dozen points of contention and long-standing grievances. Cullors is chief among their complaints, they said, arguing she made a power grab when she appointed herself executive director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

They also said there’s a lack of transparency over money the movement has raised and how chapters can access it. Since Black Lives Matter formed in 2013, the chapters complained they’ve received scant financial support, despite repeated promises.

Because I’m a bad person? Any other questions?

The leaders of BLM are benefitting. 90 million dollars raised with nothing to show for it. It’s a total scam that will never be confronted by the Biden admin.


What is that supposed to mean?

Actually, it should be confronted by the State of California, where BLM Global is located.

Carry on!

There is zero chance that any democratic official will confront BLM. That would take more guts and integrity than any of them posses.


I recommend you try holding your breath.

Or just re-read the countless BLM threads on this board (that I know you’ve participated in already!)