Breaking: trump fires jeff sessions (Trump has not fired Sessions added by mod)

If you are too weak to hold the Presidency after winning it, you aren’t the right guy for the job.

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Jeff Sessions did the right thing.


You’d have a point if being surrounded by men who spoke with, bargained with and lied about russians was the same thing as oral sex.

(mind you - Clinton’s acts were reprehensible in my mind because Monica was screwing a intern. But his sins and Trumps are not really the same and therefore our reaction to them will be different.)

He had a choice, to inform Trump that he was already planning to recuse himself. Why didn’t he? Because Trump would not have offered him the job. In the private sector if you pull dishonest crap like that you get fired.

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Hey look! There’s one still standing! Good for you. You should call into Hannity sometime and tell him your views as a conservative american. I would totally tune in for that.

Seems obvious to me Trump is too much of a ■■■■■ to pull the trigger, he wants Sessions to resign and do it for him.

How could he know what he was going to do given that he didn’t know the facts of the investigation prior to taking the job?

This is about a presidency. Its fairly common for people who are a source of drama that’s derailing a new presidency to resign and get out of the way. In spite of all the drama Sessions has caused this presidency he remains dug in like a tick.

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Pure conjecture on your part. Trump should support his recusal, because it was the right thing to do.


This was investigated by one of the major news papers, Sessions was already taking steps to recuse himself before he was sworn in as AG.

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Laughable, presidencies routinely jettison individuals who are distractions and sources of drama. Most have the integrity to resign.

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If you read “Win Bigly: Persuasion in a world where facts don’t matter” Scott Adams you’d realize the more people talk about Sessions, for or against, it puts emphasis on Trump. Even negative news persuades, by making things more important.

Its not about facts. That’s self evident by the political divide where both sides think they have the best facts, and look how different they think. Its about persuasion, and Sessions is part of the mix that benefits Trump.

Trump shouldn’t have needed to be told, all he needed to know was, Sessions was part of the investigation since he was part of the campaign. If he wasn’t a moron he would have known he would have to recuse himself and Trump would have picked someone who wasn’t part of his campaign to avoid it.


Mods should have just deleted this thread, since it’s title was bogus.

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Do you have a link?

Sessions created no drama by doing the right thing, the only drama is Trump and many of his supporters not knowing it was the right thing.

I disagree, over moderation kills boards. If its bogus, prove it in a reply. The leftist solution is to silence speech, the American way is to respond to bad speech, with good speech.

He’s not benefitting Trump at all now. Even Trump believes that.

If Trump believed that Sessions would be gone. I look at actions, not words. Actions indicate Trump likes him just where he is. If he fires him, then I would agree that “Trump believes that.”

Looks like a bad word wasn’t filtered.