BREAKING: Scott Pruitt OUT at EPA | Sean Hannity

Scott Pruitt has stepped down from his post as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency Thursday; resigning after a series of scandals and controversies threatened to derail his ability to lead the EPA.

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About time the gritting scumbag swamp master is leaving the EPA.

He is probably leaving because doing his job was getting in the way of his robbing the taxpayers blind.

I pray the ongoing investigations of his likely criminal conduct at the EPA continue and that they don’t drop them.

that is so sad. Whomever Trump appoints to anything needs to come bearing a thick skin. Demon seeds are attacking from all sides. They are going after Jim Jordan now too, I knew that would happen as soon as i saw Rosenstein shoot hand out hard, to rudely point an angry finger at him, while glaring, rebelllious, in full temper tantrum mode and impudent in his verbal response. no humility, no respect. For RR its all about RR. I literally said out loud at the time, “he’s going to go after Jim”. problem is, Jim Jordan is a genuinely squeaky clean, good man. RR is going after the wrong huckleberry…this will backfire. as it should. RR needs to be fired with prejudice immediately just for his contempt and obstruction, now this!
The people alleged to have instigated the attack on JJ are the same law firm used to procure the fake dossier, so there is reasonable cause to believe that connection between RR and them was sufficient for a quick phone call to sic fake news spinner low lifes with a directive to take down Jordan [for catching him out and rightly calling him out for his BS lies. ]

“Unrelenting attacks”?

You only got what you brought on yourself Scot.

Don’t want to be scrutinized like you were, then don’t be such a flagrant scum sucker.


What is sad is it took so freaking long for that horrible man to be removed from office.

Why Trump didn’t fire him long ago just shows what a low life swamp master the president is.

re: Rosenstein, i forgot to say “allegedly”…so, allegedly

Trump, draining the swamp. Only problem is he filled it first with his own swamp creatures.

Aero: I’m just getting into the storie about Pruitt stepping down and Jordan being accused by OSU athletes accusing Jordan of ignoring reports of inappropriate sexual activity while he was an assistant coach. I hadn’t seen any reports of connections to Deputy AG Rosenstein to either of these. Can you please point my toward your sources? Thank you.



So Pruitt is out. Can’t say though there was a reduction in the Trump swamp today.

He brought in Shine, a former Fox News wonk, one with his own set of swampy skills.